Red Rock Views Gorgeous Bonus From Diseased Pine Tree

Dated: 08/09/2015

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A friend asked me to come check out a rehab they were working on.  A family property that had been rented for years.  The renter moved out so it was time to give the property a little TLC inside and out.  While the landscapers were working in the yard they advised my friend that the one Pine Tree was diseased and should be removed so as not to spread to the other trees on the property.  After hours of watching the Landscapers cut, trim and battle to get that tree down (those men earned their money this day for sure), as well as, my friend and I believing we had the solutions to bring it down quicker this is the view that arose from the front window when it was all said and done and the cheering and celebrating was over - beauty arose from the pine dust - you can see the top of the stump that they still have to get rid of in the picture.  I think they may have also added some real value to the home in the process with the gorgeous Red Rock Views - what a bonus!  Anyone looking for a long term rental in Sedona?  Let me know I can connect you with the owner before it hits the market and you can enjoy this stunning view for years to come!  #Gorgeous! #Sedonarental, #RedRocks 

Red Rock View

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