Easy DIY Garden On Any Budget

Dated: 08/18/2015

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I love this Easy DIY Garden.  What is so great about it is it can be done anywhere and on any budget you can start with just one layer and build it up as you get more money or as you decide you need to add more herbs because you don't have any basil or not enough basil for all those amazing Italian dishes that need to be made.  Or maybe you just need more color, flowers or cacti!

If you create one of these great DIY projects yourself - please share your version with me.  I love gardens and especially small, portable and movable gardens with so many people renting these days.  You can break it down and move it with you when you move!  You can change the look by changing the layout of your bricks.  You can paint them but make sure whatever design ideas you may implement don't impact your herbs or food in any way!

Happy Gardening!

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