Buying Real Estate With Your Self Directed IRA

Dated: September 1 2015

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Buying real estate with your IRA is a great way to improve your retirement portfolio. Owning a few rental properties that are free and clear by the time you retire will ensure that your retirement funds never run out. If you worked for a company for several years and then left for another position elsewhere, and you have or had a 401k that you needed to move, then you have the funds available to begin investing in a Self Directed IRA.  Instead of an IRA that causes you stress every month as you watch it go up and down with the market. I'd be happy to share with you how we are purchasing rental proprieties and plan for them to be paid off by the time we retire. Once we are retired, then 100% of the rent will go into our IRA each month. So even as we begin to draw money out, there will always be money going back into our retirement account from the rental properties that are owned free and clear, so we can enjoy our retirement without worrying if we will run out of money. 

Its a great way to take control of your retirement account and make sure you are set up for a successful and relaxing retirement. If you would like to talk more about this, please give me a call.  I would be happy to share with you the companies we use for our Self Directed IRA, the lender we have used for a couple of IRA loans and our good and bad experiences in doing this. Chris Russell RE/MAX Preferred Choice 602-499-1575.

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